Tips to keep your Venetian Blinds looking good

1. Regularly dust your blinds

One remark we hear a lot is that Venetian Blinds are “Dust Collectors”. Dust regularly with a household duster, a clean cloth or Betterware sell a Microfibre Venetian Blind Cleaner, which are all good at removing dust. There are now attachments you can buy for your hoover that are designed specifically for venetian blinds

2. If stained use a little olive oil

A good plus for Venetian Blinds over say Roller Blinds is that stains such as dead insects, food and grease can be easily removed with a little olive oil or a tiny drop of liquid lighter fuel on a clean cloth.

3. Give your blinds a bath

Put your Venetian Blinds in the bath, this will allow easier access to clean them. Use a little soapy water or oil on a cloth to clean, we do not recommend soaking in the bath. Be aware that if you use water in the Bath it could damage lesser quality components (strings can break and metal will rust).

4. Replace broken Wands, Turners and Cord Ends

You can pick these parts up cheaply from most good blind companies and can be installed by even a novice DIY fan. Fixed back in place you will instantly see a difference from the old tatty broken ones.

5. A cheap cleat will potentially save you a lot of money

When the blind is pulled completely up, we have seen the cord become trapped under a door, the end trodden on and smashed, someone has tripped on it and pulled the blind off its brackets and damaged the blind. A simple cleat attached to the side of the window will allow the cord to be wrapped around when the blind is fully open. This also makes it a lot more child friendly.

Disclaimer: These top tips are the thoughts of John’s Blinds Limited and have been used successfully in the past. We do not take any responsibility for damage to your blinds.